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Flávio Particelli

Creative Director

Sony Water Store

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My participation: Concept Challenge: Launching the new Xperia Z1 highlighting its waterproof feature. Solution: Against all risks and difficulties we created Sony Water Store - the first under water store in the world. A pop-up store with a huge water tank in which divers were using the smartphone, taking pictures of the public. Results: - more than 100 workers involved - 90 days of pre production - more than 60 hours building the store - 9.000 liters of water used - 40 days of action - more than 500 hours of trial - more than 8.000 visitors - more than 16.000 experiences - more than R$ 2.000.000 in earned media - more than 130.000.000 impacts Awards (2012): - Best Telecom, Utilities and Technology, Globes Awards (global) - Silver - Best Short Term Trial and Awareness, Globes Awards (global) - Silver - Best Experiential Marketing, Globes Awards (global) - Bronze - Best idea or Innovative Concept, Globes Awards (regional) - Silver - Best Use of Interactive Media, Globes Awards (regional) - Silver - Best Campaign Generating Brand Fidelity, Globes Awards (regional) - Silver ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Minha participação: Coordenador de Inovação / Conceito Desafio: Lançar o novo Xperia Z1 destacando o ineditismo de sua certificação à prova d'água. Solução: Contra todos os riscos e dificuldades, criamos a Sony Water Store - a primeira loja subaquática do mundo. Uma loja com um imenso tanque onde mergulhadores fotografavam as pessoas. Na inauguração, Bruno Gagliasso mergulhou, fotografando Mariana Ximenes. Resultados: - mais de 100 trabalhadores - 90 dias de pré-produção - mais de 60h de montagem - 9.000 L d’água - 40 dias de ação - mais de 500h de demonstração - mais de 8.000 visitantes - mais de 16.000 experiências - mais de R$ 2.000.000 em mídia espontânea - mais de 130.000.000 de impactos Prêmios (2012): - Best Telecom, Utilities and Technology, Globes Awards (global) - Silver - Best Short Term Trial and Awareness, Globes Awards (global) - Silver - Best Experiential Marketing, Globes Awards (global) - Bronze - Melhor Ideia ou Conceito Inovador, Globes Awards Regional - Prata - Melhor Uso de Mídia Interativa, Globes Awards Regional - Prata - Melhor Campanha Gerando Fidelidade à Marca, Globes Awards Regional - Prata

Sao Paulo, São Paulo Member since: 13-Fev-2016 Last login: 09-Ago-2021 Unavailable for new projects
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iris worldwide (agency) Creative Director / Senior Copywriter São Paulo, Brazil - march 2020 - present ------------------------------------- Distrito Intelligence (business consultancy) Head of Strategic Creativity São Paulo, Brazil - december 2017 - march 2020 Distrito is an innovation platform for startups, corporations and investors looking for the next step in their evolution. It has 4 business units: Experience (3 tech/vertical campuses), Ventures (venture capital), Intelligence (innovation consultancy) and Data Miner (content/reports analysis and production). I've been working in the Intelligence team in which I’m responsible for managing and constructing the strategy, storytelling and presentation of our services called Business Hacking (helping companies to solve specific problems) and Reality Transformation (preparing the companies leaders to make their digital transformation and find new opportunities), using our startup ecosystem. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- iris worldwide (agency) Senior Copywriter / Conceptual Copywriter São Paulo, Brazil - march 2015 - december 2017 Activities: - Creating concepts and mechanics for on and offline campaigns; - Creating content for social media channels; - Creating texts for on e off-line pieces and mechanics (scripts for video and radio, websites, speeches, promo, guerrilla, blitze, events) - Creating conceptual defenses and presentations with strategic detailing and concept defenses. - Doing research and market anaylisis (benchmarking, consumer behavior); - Creating and presenting workshops for clients; Main Brands / Clients: - Sony (Playstation, VAIO, BRAVIA, Xplod, Walkman) - Sony Mobile (previously Sony Ericsson) - Bacardi - Kibon (Wall’s - Unilever) - Brasil Kirin (Itubaína, Água, Baden Baden, Devassa – soda, water and beer) - Kimberly Clark (Neve, Scott) - Diageo - Natura (beauty/cosmetics) - Alliar/CDB (health) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- iris worldwide (agency) Inovation Coordinator São Paulo, Brazil · march 2011 – march 2015 Coordinator of the Innovation/Concept area Activities: - Curator and manager of internal references database (trends, innovation and new technologies) - Creation of concepts and mechanics for online and offline campaigns - Editor-in-chief and copywriter of the agency blog (trendtech.me) - Research and analysis of: market, communication, consumer behavior and benchmarking - Development of proposals / prospection with the New Business area - Creation and presentation of workshops for clients - Manager of the agency “image” pillar, with direct interface with press office ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Router (agency) Copywriter São Paulo, Brazil · april 2009 – march 2011 Copywriting for: - On and offline pieces - Speeches (guerrilla, blitze, events) - Scripts (videos, spots) - Ppt presentations (strategic detailing and concept defenses) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright (agency) São Paulo, Brazil · 2005 – 2006 Assistant in the copywriting and creative activities (e-mail marketing, direct mail, posters, flyers, sales force magazines, ads) Clients: Accor Hotels (Formule 1, Ibis, Mercure, Sofitel, Novotel) Unibanco (bank) Oi (mobile operator)