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Its a personal project that I made in 2020. To make up for the lack of hugs on the quarantine year, every character in this project receive a hug and pass it forward to other character that it is linked with it somehow. "Próximo" in portuguese means "next". The title refers to the next character in line as well as to keep the people you love next to you. The full project is available for free download on: https://gumroad.com/dnepwu

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Hi, I'm Daniel Wu, a brazilian illustrator based in Porto who loves chocolate and cartoons. To make me stop drawing on the walls, my parents gave to me a lot of picture books. That's why I'm fascinated by illustration and their power to tell stories. After lot of time (and dedication), I became a screenwriter and illustrator and nowadays I mix both of them in cartoon-like illustrations full of storytelling, expression, pop and classic references – with a dash of humor. I work for for books, magazines, advertising, sites, games, animations, classes or whatever sounds fun to me. I've already worked for clients like Faber-Castell, Pepsico, Storytime Magazine, Pearson Education and almost all brazilians publishers. You can also find my artwork at digital and physical art galleries all around. PS.: If you're wondering around the children's department at the bookstore, you can also find me there, sitting on the floor. ;) dnepwu@gmail.com follow me on the social media! The links are there -->

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