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Deivede Tibola

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Bart - Superhero Views: 1765Works: 6

This model is a study of character modeling for games. The final model had 2274 faces, 4432 triangles and 2222 vertices. I separated the process into 5 distinct parts: Basemesh, detailing, texturing, retopology and baking. Click in the link bellow for real-time interactive visualization of this character: Bart - Super hero

  • Lowpoly final Lowpoly final
  • Lowpoly  Final - Tpose Lowpoly Final - Tpose
  • Lowpoly - Wireframe Lowpoly - Wireframe
  • Highpoly - Tpose Highpoly - Tpose
  • Timelapse
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My name is Deivede Tibola I am graduated in Graphic Designer and game development. I work with computer graphics since 2009. I am passionate about 3D, game, design and art. I am always studying and trying to improve the quality of my work in all possible aspects. Through this website I share with you some of my work and studies. you can also find more of my works on these links below: https://dvdtibola.artstation.com https://sketchfab.com/deivedetibola

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