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  • Character animation
  • Motion Graphics 2D/3D
  • Character animation


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Work that i did for Oca Filmes and any other film that's worth posting

Sao Paulo, São Paulo Membro desde: 21-Jan-2015 Último login: 19-Fev-2021 Disponível para novos projetos
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Hello there! I’m Bruno Avila Barbosa, an animator from Brazil, currently residing in Stockholm. I was born in São Paulo, Brazil, in a house where my father (longtime animator) and grandfather (also an animator) had a studio. It was small but was enough for me to fall in love for it. After studying a little bit of everything in ​​graphic design, I am now specialized in character animation (acting, Lipsync, etc.), but i also do animation effects in traditional 2D and motion graphics in general. Basically everithing that is on my reels (go check!). I worked at an animation studio in Brazil for 10 years, where i started as an intern and they are responsible for pretty much everything i know about an animated production. Today i work at a game studio in Stockholm, been working there since 2018 and i can't thank them enough for what i'm learning there as well. This online portfolio contains the best of everything i did and actually liked and thought that was relevant. To see more things that i share you can check my Instagram account (, there's a lot of cool things there too! I always dreamed of working in some great animated production as games, feature films, series or any project that involves major professional animators and I studied hard for it. I know I still have a lot to learn, but I can guarantee that I have been giving my best. Today i'm open for any projects that involves all kinds of animation. Send me a message! Let's work together!

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