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Bruno Padilha

Designer and Illustrator

Printing - Screenprinted Poster

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Edition of 20 prints, handnumbered and signed. Screenprints completed in October 2014. All the prints were printed at London College of Communication, London. 1,2-Color Screenprinted Poster 29 x 21 cm. Academic project developed in my Illustration and Visual Medias course, University of Arts London. Client: Self-initiated Project Designer and Illustrator: Bruno Padilha

Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul Member since: 14-Jan-2015 Last login: 24-Set-2015 Available for new projects
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About Bruno Henrique Padilha


I am a hard worker, a visual designer, and ultimately an illustrator. Originally born and raised in Brazil, Porto Alegre. I have since moved to London, where I attend the London College of Communication and study Illustration and Visual Medias. I currently work as a freelance illustrator and designer in Brazil and also finishing my BA degree in Visual Design. When not involved otherwise with my work I love to spend the whole day at a park. Feel free to get in touch with any ideas, comments or questions!